Sep 10, 2010



Hello weekend!

coffee + the gym + work + my beloved ipod + Giana factory + second-hand shops + packing + SFU + the hills + too much homework + yoga + facebook + writing emails + marie claire + Mary Kate Olsen + dark chocolate + GG + smoothies + news papers + my bed + movies and too much television + Bruno Mars + more coffee = WEEKEND! 


Sep 7, 2010

Stockholm: the swedish election

I went to Stockholm with SFU last weekend to help our sister party, Ung Vänster, with the swedish election. 

The point was to observe and learn from Ung Vänster, get to know more about how the relationship is between them and their mother party, aswell as gather information about how they are campaigning for Vänster.

Beside the fact, that I have a terrible fear of flying, it was a great weekend. We stayed at the party office, which was situated in central Stockholm. We went to "Tensta marknad" a couple of times, went to the Suptobia festival, joined a feminist party saturday night, and met with Ida Gabrielsson, förbundsordförande for Ung Vänster. Over all, a great weekend - can't wait for the danish election to come. Bring it on!